Complex system of information security (CSIS)

Design of integrated systems of information security of corporate-level under requirements of domestic and international standards (from design to launch)

CSIS presents a complex of organizational and technical measures that are aimed to ensure the protection of information from disclosure, leakage and unauthorized access.

CSIS presents a global security concept and a basis for the infrastructure security of an enterprise as a whole.

Methodology of CSIS design:

  1. Audit: analysis of the current state of an information system security
  2. Development of requirements specification
    • Analysis of the gaps in information system
    • Determination of the requirements for CSIS
    • Development of CSIS information model
  3. Determination of requirements specification
    • Detailed list of the equipment, software and volume of work
    • Creation of working project
    • Definition and approval of cost
  4. CSIS development
    • Launch of the full range of protection products
    • Testing of CSIS:
  5. State expertise: obtainment of positive expert conclusion (certificate of compliance)
  6. Operation and maintenance of the relevance of CSIS throughout the life cycle of the system


The result of the provided services and work fulfilled for our customers shall be a full cycle of organizational and technical measures to ensure the information protection in the information and telecommunication system (the object), including its preparation for the state expertise in the field of technical protection of information.