The E-LIGHT team shall help you recover and control the picture of the occurred incident, identify the tools and methods used by the intruders and also to localize stationary and mobile devices involved in the incident.

We will instruct you promptly concerning the measures, you need to take immediately, for the localization of the incident in order to minimize potential losses.

We will perform in situ detection of the devices and data carriers that have been affected by the incident and help fulfill the proper data backup for the next analysis as well as the further paper work being necessary for the law enforcement authorities to carry out the further investigation and prosecution.


According to the results of the above stage a client shall be provided with:

  • recommendations on rapid recovery of the infrastructure and business processes affected by the incident, digital evidence formed properly and an expert’s conclusion which may be helpful in case of the customer’s reference to law enforcement authorities;
  • description of the most probable mechanisms and attack scenarios.